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Ah, tonight. Opposite night of my birthday, the night the other fires burn. The skies are full of woodsmoke and the light of the full moon and hundreds upon hundreds of flowers made of stars.

This weekend was full of everything and everyone, and I am immensely grateful to all of you.

Coverage in detail:

  • Pizza Hut sucks. Not only did they deliver to the wrong house first of all, but when it did arrive it was cold, burnt and generally rubbishy. And overpriced.
  • Starbucks status report: They still charge too much for bad coffee. Shortbread was nice though.
  • The British Museum is awesome. The two hours we had to look around in were about enough to rush around a tenth of the place. A full day visit may be required in the near future. Pictures with comed y captions here (warning: some pretty obscure / unfunny jokes). Also, they had a special Pacific Islands exhibit. I felt like whipping out the poi and trying to look like one of the performery people, but I don't think my poor three-beat weave would have impressed them much.
  • Bimimbab is weird, and not the nicest thing in the world. Rhiannon's flapjacks were much nicer.
  • Wicked is fantastic. Go see it. Despite buying our tickets entirely separately and many days later than everyone else, all ended up sitting within two seats of each other. Also, if I haven't pimped it enough already, go and see Wicked. Really.
  • Incidentally, seeing magic effects that normally exist only inside my head or in RPGs done with actual lights on stage is awesome. There's even a bit that looks like the bit before the final hit of Omnislash. It looks even better in RL. Also, 'Defying Gravity' is a hot contender for my favouritest song ever.
  • There was Chinatown, and Pocky, and Mokona that people didn't like the taste of.
  • In the end we didn't go out to Alexandra Palace to see the fireworks. Instead, we hung around the South Bank for a while, chatting and poiing, and it was awesome nonetheless.
  • Despite feeling ill and being dosed up on anything and everything, Saturday night and Sunday weren't all that bad. And, as I finally headed home on Sunday night under the glow of the full moon and the piercing light of starry dandelions bursting in the sky, the world was perfect in all regards but that of leaving Eric behind.