Dial M for Mandelson

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I can’t be the only one thinking along these lines right now, so… have blog, will rant.

I think Peter Mandelson has too much power.

First off, he’s unelected, not having been a Member of Parliament since 2004. So how come he manages to be such a prominent figure in the Government? How is he even still heavily favoured by the Labour Party, despite having resigned (twice) over involvement with various scandals? How come his anti-filesharing agenda, which headlined the Queen’s Speech, seems to be being calmly accepted as the law-to-be despite the fact that is was transparently influenced by lobbying from the entertainment industry? To say nothing of how much of an insane overreaction his anti-piracy plans actually are (but that’s for another post, one I’ve probably already made some months ago).

And now this? If there’s any truth in that, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such a brazen and dangerous power-grab. We didn’t vote Mandelson in, we can’t vote Mandelson out, and now he’s aiming for the power to make laws and impose them on ISPs and individuals in the name of protecting copyright.

Am I the only one thinking this isn’t quite the Democracy we had in mind?


Kieran Martin 20 November 2009

Well yes. Peter Mandelson has an insane amount of power in our system. I suspect the only people who like him are those he is keeping in power. Its more than a little disturbing.

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