E-mail to MP: Please Demand Debate on the Digital Economy Bill

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This e-mail was sent to Sir John Butterfill MP (Conservative, Bournemouth West) on 17th March 2010. Read his reply here.

Dear Sir John Butterfill,

Since a number of websites have pushed the issue of late, I’m sure I’m not the only constituent writing to you about this, but nevertheless I am writing to you to register my concerns regarding the Digital Economy Bill.

The contents of the bill worry me on many levels, from the possibility of disconnecting innocent users from the Internet without proper investigation, to the technical challenges that will be faced by the ISPs, the cost of which will naturally be passed on to their customers.

But regardless of these issues, I am more alarmed at the possibility that the Government and Lord Mandelson may be attempting to force this bill through before Parliament is dissolved prior to the election, without proper scrutiny and debate by the House.

I would like to know your and your Party’s views on the content of the Digital Economy Bill, but moreover I would ask you to do all you can to ensure that this important and far-reaching bill gets the scrutiny it deserves rather than being forced through by a desperate Government.

Yours Sincerely,

Ian Renton

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