End of Year Party

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Since I’m being bugged about this already, here goes:

The Southampton End-of-Year Party

(aka RABIES 2, new acronyms wanted)



Here’s what we know so far:

This seems to leave 10th to 23rd June as potential dates. If anyone has any preferences, please let me know!

Current Date/Attendee Chart

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Hopefully an all-day job again, meeting around midday and carrying on until everyone’s had quite enough.


This one’s a problem his year, since Mark and I no longer have a big house or a garden. Now with four wondrous options!


The same as last time, I’d like it if people contributed a bit - £5 seemed to work well - and all the money was used to buy food and other party essentials.

As with last time, you lot may need to suffer the terror of Andy’s and my cooking - ably assisted, of course, by anyone who’d like to.

A possibility if the party is on the Common is to make all the food in advance. Someone with a car could then be persuaded/bribed to drive to our house where we could microwave food and bring it back to the common - thus letting us eat hot food without having to cook there.


Same as always, bring a bottle! Or cans. Or boxes. Or barrels. Or vats.

The port tradition continues!


Nah, I’ve put you through too much already =p No costume this time!


If you can read this, you’re invited. As are your friends. If you’re not sure whether you’re invited or not, you are.

However, we do need some idea of num

bers in advance, so we can buy the right amount of food.

So, please let me know if you’re coming!

Currently confirmed attendees:


Andy (Hatted) - Not 10th-12th

Andy (Little) - Not 10th-12th

Chantelle (V) - Not 14th or 16th-23rd

Domina - Not 10th or 12th

Gemma - Not 20th or 23rd

Ian - Not 10th-12th

Mark - Not 10th-12th

Racheet (V) - Not 10th-12th or 21st

Rhiannon (V)

Total Attendees Registered: 10

Total Vegetarians: 3

Thus Food/Party Budget: £50

Other Things

Anything I’ve missed? Let me know!