Exam Results

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<table border=1 bordercolor=#000000 cellpadding=10><tr><td>School of Physics and Astronomy - Semester 1 Examination Results - February 2004

RENTON I                    year: 1 programme: PHwMA                     tutor: dar

Course Credit PointsMark
PHYS1001Forces and Fields1576
PHYS1003Relativity and Quanta1568
MATH1006Introduction to Mathematical Methods1563

Average Mark: 72.0

Credit points passed: 60

Well Done</td></tr></table>

Woohoo! ^_^

And in other news, I’m starting to spread the word about AnimeSoc… About six people are definitely interested so far, and I’ve been putting up a few posters today to get people’s attention… Hopefully we should get our 25 members soon!