Exams, Drink, Exams...

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Wednesday exam, Nuclei & Particles, was a bit meh. A pretty easy paper, but I forgot a couple of important things which really isn’t going to help my marks.

Afterwards, there was Pimms & lemonade - somewhere in the region of 20 jugs thereof between 8 of us, before the bar refused to serve us. A somewhat messy night as far as Mike and Hugo were concerned, although I seem to have escaped without hangoverish effects. <3 alcohol tolerance. Still, events conspired to keep me up until 5am - not the best during the middle of exam season.

Yesterday was full of panicked revision, and I still wasn’t confident when I walked into the exam hall at the ungodly time of 9.30 this morning. As it happened, though, the paper contained minimal maths and even an essay question! Woo yeah! =p I think I rolled a natural 20 =p

On that note, life’s been interesting and more than a little lucky recently. Also I have been very hungry. Unique character bunk strikes again! Munches on Belgian bun

And tomorrow I get to teach Little Andy and his brother to swordfight. With only two swords between the two of us. I guess I’ll be using a cardboard tube then. =S Still, should be fun. The weather tomorrow according to the ubiquitous ForecastFox is “mostly sunny and beautiful”, which sounds good to me!

And, after that, only one more exam left! Hurrah for summertime!

Also, if you’re in the mood for LJ-related hijinks, poke elseware’s thingy here. It lists all your friends-of-friends on LJ, and tells you which ones you’ve friended and which you haven’t. Mine seems to have the entire of the MinamiCon crowd on it. Scary =S