Fumiu~! Hyper Panic!

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Preparations for the Bunfight ticked along today, getting some things out of the way and giving us confidence. But in seven hours’ time, the real preparation will start. Two hours of setting up followed by six hours of event and an hour of cleaning up… Six hours in which there will be up to a thousand students in the hall at any one time. Nine hours in which we can’t sit down and, through caffeine or alcohol or sugar or hitting each other with LARP weapons or any combination of the four, we have to be happy and enthusiastic and well-coordinated and in control.

It’s scary, but we’ll do fine. We have a stall to run, a bunfight to take part in, and it’ll be the best one yet, and nothing will hold us back!

But for now… precious sleep.

Goodnight, everyone… Until tomorrow.