Game Recommendations Please!

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A job for bored lazywebbers:

What with Saudi Arabia recently having declared software piracy to be a criminal offence punished by imprisonment, there are certain kinds of DS cartridges that I would be unwilling to take into the country! I will however be taking my DS, my 2nd gen iPod Touch, and my HTC Magic (running Android).

Are there any games for those platforms that offer a shedload of play time per £ – ideally RPGs, strategy games, or the combination thereof?

I have already played to death: TWEWY, Fire Emblem, Advance Wars and Heroes of Mana on the DS, Plants vs Zombies and Angry Birds on the iTouch, and every damn tower defence game on Android.

And no, I still don’t have enough spare cash to buy a PSP!

All suggestions appreciated! :D

tl;dr: Internet, please recommend time-sink games.


Anthony March 29 June 2010

Oh and puzzle quest. Simple and Addictive.

I think I've spent enough time next to Eric as she played Soul Silver that I've effectively played it by proxy - assuming Heart Gold is pretty much the same?And oh gods, I'd forgotten about Puzzle Quest. Don't think there's been a better time-sink than that since maybe Disgaea!

Anthony March 29 June 2010

Heh, but not played the phoenix wright games then?

I haven't, though I keep being told they're good. Maybe now is the time? :D

Anthony March 29 June 2010

I think so =p. They are far from new now as well so you might get them for a reasonably cheap price. Recommend the first three phoenix wright games, and given they are story heavy, to be played in order!

Andy Hayler 29 June 2010

Phoenix Wright! I'd avoid Professor Layton while on holiday; they're awesome, but short.You could skip the Phoenix Wright games (which are basically GBA ports) and play Apollo Justice or the Edgeworth one, without missing much, but the PW trilogy still rules.I've also heard supergood things about Infinite Space; Suikoden with rockets, or so I hear. I've yet to play it though.

Harriet Connor 29 June 2010

puzzel quest 2 is coming out soon isnt it?

Andy Hayler 30 June 2010

PQ: Galactrix is already out, I think. But Infinite Space! And tell me if it's awesome ^^

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