Goodbye, Dungeon

This is an pretty old post from my blog, which has been preserved in case its content is of any interest. You might want to go back to the homepage to see some more recent stuff.

Today, Southampton’s Dungeon club announced that it would be closing this weekend. Although it’s been a long time since our university days, it’s sad to see it go. It’s one of the formative places of my youth—I was introduced to the place at age 18, full of nerves; by 21 the Hobbit and the Dungeon was our regular night out, and we couldn’t go to either without running into someone we knew.

I dug through the archive to find some pictures of us all there, and came away with only two—these were before the days of high-res camera phones, after all. We were young, and clean shaven, and had glow-sticks braided in our hair.

The Dungeon was a place where I found friends; found musical genres and subcultures I never knew before; found laughter and music and dance and magic under the ultraviolet lights.

Thanks for the memories.

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