Right, Halloween party on Saturday and I have no idea what to go as. Here’s the suggestions so far:

Since some partygoers are going as various of the Endless, Neil Gaiman has been suggested.

  • Pros: I already look like him, no real costume required, Eric and Domina want me to.
  • Cons: Not scary, kind of a cop-out. Having stubble and taking my glasses off isn't really a costume. Will have to explain a lot.

Vaguely Steampunk Airship Navigator

  • Pros: I have the clothes etc. already, can play it as a character
  • Cons: Not scary.

Ultimate terror-causing Goth/Townie Hybrid!

  • Pros: Not too hard to costume, giant ankh bling, have been thinking of this for years
  • Cons: Not actually all that funny, will have to explain a lot.

Vote now, or suggest alternatives! Please? O_O