If Space is One-Dimensional, it's Easy!

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Okay, brief catching-up time. Sorry for my almost total absence from the internet (and IRC in particular) this week - exams and revision have been taking up pretty much all my time, so I’m trying to minimise distractions.

Monday’s Classical Mechanics exam went pretty well - a definite pass, possibly even a First as my lab work and problem sheets should pull up my exam mark.

Tuesday and Wednesday I practically wasted with oversleeping and procrastinating. Even in a house where everyone else is revising too, it’s still surprisingly easy - we all seem to get fed up of revision and need breaks quite often. Still, it’s beginning to amuse me how I work. Saying I work best under pressure isn’t the half of it - I only work under pressure. So I can waste time right up until the night before a 9.30am lecture doing unimportant things, and then… suddenly revise the whole course pretty well in about half an hour. Reading through the lecture notes and writing the important facts and formulae on a sheet of paper takes hardly any time, and suddenly the whole course comes flooding back to me and I remember. I see know why I couldn’t stand my mum’s approach to making me revise for school exams - it’s completely at odds to the way I work. Reading for hours at a time when I’m not in the mood it useless - but when I am in the mood, a whole course can be revised in minutes. It’s a little scary, actually! ^_^;

So, this morning’s Electromagnetism exam was a little worse than Classical Mechanics, but still a pass and probably a 2.1. With hindsight I probably chose the wrong question to answer for my second one of part B - I did question 4 because it was the stuff on reflected and transmitted waves that was still fresh in my mind from the problem sheets, but in at least a couple of the cases I couldn’t work out what later parts of the question were asking. Also, I’m crap at exponential calculus, it seems.

Anyway, after playing some Homeworld 2 (impulse-bought bargain ^^) earlier this afternoon, I decided to revise for tomorrow’s Quantum Mechanics exam. This was shockingly easy. I’m sure Quantum’s not allowed to be my easiest subject! ^^;; It’s got less emphasis on lots of equations and is more on the understanding, which makes it easier for me. I’m ignoring all the stuff on Schrödinger’s Equations in 3D though - I didn’t attend many of the lectures, and I think trying to teach myself that this afternoon will make me forge

t important parts of the rest of the course. Anyway, I probably won’t have to answer a question on it.

So, that’s the way my week’s gone so far. This afternoon I don’t know what I’ll do - probably play games while idly glancing at my Quantum notes. And then, at 11.30 tomorrow morning, that’ll be the end of my exams!