In Memoriam

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“I make my back, to the hometown that looks just the same.
The schools and the factories, standing alone still remain.
But the faces have changed, and the ones that I knew are gone.
And I hear the laughter and voices still echo my name…“

— Celtus, “Rosa-Ree”

The places I used to live, the places where I shaped my future. The midday sun, shining on the world, illuminating the happiness of past and present… My old home, the park where I played, the river where we walked, the path between the trees, the fields where I lay, the water where I paddled, the roads where I rode my bike, the world that that I loved.

Memories all come back now, visiting the same places and thinking the same things… It’s all here, and as long as I live I’ll never lose it…

The memory… Eighteen years of love and loss, happiness and sadness, memory of the past and hope for tomorrow… Life flowed on, day after day, never skipping a beat in the wonderful play of life.

And now, back on the train… reddened evening light shining on my face through the windows… going back to the new reality, my new home…

An era has ended and a new one has begun. All I can keep is the memories of my past. I’ve got them, and I’m never letting them go now…

I left for my old home this weekend a child, thinking nothing ever changed. I return a man, knowing that, in the end, I changed. We all changed, and the world changed. Memories of the past, forever…

Thus is the Completion of the Moment of Truth.