So, KDE4 eh? No offence to the programmers, they’ve certainly achieved something beyond my capabilities, but… So many irritations =S

  • Despite a more streamlined codebase and less memory-hungry Qt4, it still runs slow as a dog on my EeePC.
  • That's without any visual effects. Turning on compositing makes it near unusable. Oh, and even "fade in menus" (non-composited) displays an ugly mash of pixels before the menu fully renders, a la KDE 3.5.
  • Plasma looks very shiny, shame there's only a few widgets with very important things - NetworkManager frontend, volume control - totally missing.
  • There aren't icons for half the widgets, and a random selection of other things
  • You can't drag widgets onto, or off, the panel.
  • The panel has no properties. You can't move it, or resize it. My screen height is 480px, and this thing takes up 10% of it!
  • Window names in the taskbar line-wrap, which is fine for two lines worth, but when there's a third line it's partly off-screen and looks ugly.
  • KickOff irritates the hell out of me for various reasons, I reverted to the standard menu almost immediately.
  • Though it gives you the option to apply QT colouring to GTK apps, it just applies colour to the butt-ugly GTK1-esque default
  • Firefox crashed hard the first time I ran it
  • I can't make Marble get past the "loading Atlas" dialog
  • Plasma is damn pretty, but everything else is by default a vast swathe of grey
  • Konqueror still doesn't run Gmail, even if you make it pretend to be something else

tl,dr: grumble grumble rant.