Just My Luck

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First off - today I took a trip to Bournemouth to see people there, which was awesome. While there, we watched something that seemed to be In Nomine the movie, starring Neo. Apparently there was supposed to be a character called John Constantine in the film, but it must have been a pretty minor part as I don’t think I noticed him…

Anyway, enough rambling. Afterwards we went and cooked and ate curry at Dom’s, which was also awesome. Unfortunately, the events as soon as I got back to Southampton were less so. I’ve just walked for an hour in pouring rain, carrying a heavy backpack, so have to face the delicious irony of being drenched and dehydrated at the same time. Also I’m now hungry, and the only items of food I have are a block of marzipan and a green pepper. I guess I’d better eat that marzipan, and try to buy some breakfast tomorrow.

Also, I have a headache, and I couldn’t find half the camping stuff I wanted to take with me tomorrow. I hope things look better in the morning, because right now they suck.