Eric has declared my keyboard “icky”, so I’m on the look-out for a replacement. (It also isn’t fond of capital letters some days, so it’s sadly not as if cleaning it would solve all the problems.)

Unfortunately, having perused various websites, I haven’t yet seen one I actually like, which:

  • Has a two-key-width backspace key
  • Has a non-raised bit on the right-hand side of the Caps Lock key, to stop you hitting it at the same time as 'A'
  • Has a Return key that's two rows high
  • Has a set of Insert/Home/etc. keys above the arrow keys in a three wide by two deep block
  • Has multimedia keys that include play/pause, fast-forward, rewind
  • Has at least four other multimedia keys that are a reasonable match for web browser, e-mail, file manager and terminal
  • Is wired

So: Do any of you have a keyboard that matches most or all of those requirements? If so (and if you’re happy with it) could you let me know what it is and where you got it from? I would be muchly obliged!