Last Night's Dreams

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It was the birthday party of someone - I think it was a female someone, but I don’t remember who. The party was being held in a big open-plan office at one end of an office building not too dissimilar to the one I work in. The dream mostly involved us running around the building trying to recruit people for the party, carrying banners and posters emblazoned with Evangelion hentai (Shinji x Asuka) which somehow advertised the party.

Very weird, but not as weird as…


The second dream was much more full of doom. I seemed to be going somewhere, and took a shortcut through Racheet’s house. In this dream, Racheet for some reason lived at Andy and Anna’s old house, but with Gemma’s final-year housemates and a guy I used to know from school (also at the same Uni that the other stars of this dream are/were) by the name of Alex Duffy.

So, I took a shortcut through the house (Alex and Tallulah looked quite confused) and emerged from the back door to see Racheet, Anna and XXXXXXXXXX sitting around - Anna was sitting on the back of a car, the other two were sitting on the ground.

After a few minutes, XXXXXXXXXX got up and told me that (s)he had something to tell me. (S)he said that (s)he loved me - and kissed me. My heart sank like a lead balloon at the thought of disappointing him/her (since (s)he wasn’t Eric) - then I woke up.

That was five minutes before my alarm. It’s now an hour and a half after it, and I still feel weird.