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“Hello, little star
Are you doing fine?
I’m lonely as everything in birth
Sometimes in the dark
When I close my eyes
I dream of you, the planet Earth
If I could fly across this night
Faster than the speed of light
I would spread these wings of mine…“

~ Hoshi no Koe (Voices of a Distant Star) - Through the Years and Far Away

Say… we haven’t got long left here, have we…? I always though I just tolerated living here in halls, and that I’d be glad to leave. But I’ve realised now… there’s only two or three weeks left now, and people are going to start drifting away. I’m going to miss this place, after it’s faded away…

On the subject of which, it’ll be odd leaving here for other reasons too. For the last eight months I’ve come to pretty much rely on the internet to stay in contact with people, and I’ve met lots of new people that I can only speak to online. And ahead of me stretches three months with no internet access at all. It’ll be odd.. kind of like feeling that I’m on my own, rather than constantly surrounded by IRC channels full of people… No Livejournal posts for three months, either. Another thing I’ve got very attached to over the last year…