Like Broken Shards

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A game finished last night, but more than that, a story finished last night. The story of characters that I love dearly, characters that have taught me new things, characters I’ve laughed and cried with for so long.

Unable to sleep when the game ended at 6am, I had no choice but to get all the thoughts and emotions out of my head. So, for the next two hours until I felt like I could sleep again, I wrote. This is the, as yet unedited, result.

A Decade Went Past

It’s as close as I can come to an epilogue for the story. It’s not very good but, despite the high note on which the game ended, I felt that some kind of future had to be written, just to see where things might end up…

Now it seems strange walking though this house strewn with plates and cups, the debris of a fantastic game session. It feels like I should be living somewhere else, being somewhere else, and these “real” experiences are oddly alien in comparison…