Merry Christmas everyone!

(Wow, that was a lot of HTML tags for just one sen

tence.) Anyways, w00tage! It’s Christmas! I’m now the new owner of aawesomely shiny digital radio, a really nice pair of boots, a couple of books, and an electronic toy dragon thingy (yes, I’m 18 going on 5 ^_^), and a stomach full of turkey and all the rest! Mmm, good day~su… It was good to see my grandparents (dad’s side) too - my Grandad’s just finished a five-week stay in hospital, and still doesn’t look that well, but it was good to see him anyway!

More of the same tomorrow when I go off to visit the other half of my family! My parents are being boring and not coming =P but I’m going anyway. More turkey, mmm…

I hope everyone else is enjoying Christmas too!

(I should really start doing some work someday soon, I’ve got loads to do. Erk! That isn’t something I should be thinking about on Christmas day.) I’m off to try and find something decent to watch on telly. Mata ne~!