Mirror Worlds

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Last night, after one of the most fun parties I’ve ever been to, I was asleep almost as soon as my head touched the pillow. I slept, and dreamed… Dreamed of the party. Slighty different, of course - we talked about different things, but it was still most certainly that party. It left me, upon waking, with the exact same feeling I’d had after the party itself - a wonderful sense of rightness, and comfort, and stability.

I awoke to the doorbell and the arrival of a man in sports-branded hoodie and trainers, who allegedly had arrived to fix the tumble dryer. Five minutes later he pronounced it “bi’ fooked” and said he’d get us another one. Which is fair enough, although I don’t relish the thought of the time he’s going to call me to announce that he has a replacement and I have to try to understand his vocabulary again.

And, I need more fire-staff practice.

Also, coffee grinder get. Thanks eBay! ^_^ So Mark and I got to wake up to awesome coffee this morning too!

Life is officially going really, really well!