The Interwebs Fail Me

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Fed up with PlusNet’s dire service and stealth data caps, we today switched to another ADSL provider… Freedom2Surf.

I suspect no-one reading this knows, remembers or cares, but I’ve had issues with them in the past - for a while they hosted my website, and I quickly took my business elsewhere when their server died and they had neither a backup nor an apology for me.

So, it was with some grumbling that I accepted this switch of ISP.

Imagine my joy - no, imagine my facial expression - when, after the great switch-over… We’re still getting sub-56k-modem speeds. It peaked at 40kbps.

We ran the BT line test that we just found out about, too. 40kbps.

Looks like BT are right royally shafting us for reasons unknown. Their speed test website didn’t have any option to ask them to please stop right royally shafting us.

Damn interweb.