I am calm, I am happy. I am being myself and having fun. I am not worrying about things.

After the last few years, this is something like a new experience for me.

All it took, I guess, was a change in what I consider the point of living. I still care for my friends as much as I always did, but gone now is the dangerous desire to make other people’s happiness the goal of my life.

Now, I’m free just to be myself as much as possible. That feeling makes even moments of nothingness, even boredom, enjoyable.

Today on the interweb:

.hack MMORPG, finally. http://www.hack.channel.or.jp/fragment/

Risk using Google Maps API. http://www.ashotoforangejuice.com/gmrisk.html (beware Slashdot effect)

NES Micro. http://www.benheck.com/Games/Nintendo_projects/NES_Micro/NES_Micro1.htm

Sushi art. http://www.flickr.com/photos/59199828@N00/sets/1331318/