New Callsign Day!

I’m happy to say that for the third, and possibly final time, it’s New Ham Radio Callsign day for me!

Over the weekend I finally got around to sitting my Full amateur radio licence exam, thanks to the great help I received from the Online Amateur Radio Community (OARC).

In the UK we have callsigns based on our licence level, so out with my old 2EØUXV callsign, and in with my new one, MØTRT.

I would like to say it means something, but in reality I wrote some code to calculate all the unassigned MØ calls based on Ofcom’s list of assigned ones (CSV), remove all the ones with sequences & letters I didn’t like, then picked the one with the smallest, most satisfying Morse code form.

If anyone who isn’t a massive nerd asks, it stands for “mo’ trout”. Everyone needs mo’ trout in their life.

See you on the air!

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