New Year~su!

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NewYearFun! I met up with Adam, Ant and Rich at Adam’s house to start with, for Pop’n, IIDX and sake, then walked up to the Talbot Arms for the evening. Unfortunately Richard wasn’t feeling great and had to go home… The evening wasn’t all that exciting, but at least no mingers of doom like last year! ^^ Elise turned up later after doing delivery driving until 10pm - eek! We stayed until about 1, then headed home. Adam forgot his housekeys and phone so couldn’t get back home, and so both him and I decided to go to Ant’s house instead. We got absolutely drenched on the way back! >< Anyway, we stayed up for another hour and a half at least at Ant’s house, and Ant and I watched some more Bottle Fairy, which owns.

All in all, a pretty good night… shame Dom didn’t come, Richard had to leave and Godfathers (best Pizza/Kebab/Burger place evar) was closed. But apart from that, great! Pics will be up on the site as soon as I get back to 10MBps internet access on Sunday.

No, by the way, I’m not actually writing this at Ant’s house, it’s back-dated ^_^;;