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Once again, the world has whirled its way around its orbit and arrived back at what us mammals call “November”. Perhaps it’s the shortening days, the wind and rain, or maybe just the after-effects of Hallowe’en, but November has had a strange effect on me in recent years. At University, certainly, after a Summer away and an October of re-settling in, November was when the drama started rearing its ugly head.

Then, as now, it’s most marked by a feeling of disconnection - that there’s some distance between myself and the real world. Chores go undone, meals uneaten, important things forgotten, and my brain floats between creativity, blank ‘meh’, and frustrated boredom. Combined with the residual Unseelie feelings from the Hallowe’en just passed, and the leaves blowing past in the wind, it puts me in a strange place.

Incidentally, I wrote a (very) short story. It’s far more upbeat than the rest of this blog entry, and as a bonus will only consume about two minutes of your life. It’s here:

November in the Court of Seasons

Read, share, enjoy, etc. Happy All Hallows’ Day!

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