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Once more, yesterday, the world attempted to rekindle another piece of summer. Once more, today, haze fills the sky and chokes the city. I used to go through life longing for the return of summer, but I don’t think I’ll do that anymore. The next summer will be my last here - and I hate that. Maybe it’s irrational to want to stay with my friends forever, but can’t help it - that’s what I feel; and that’s what makes me, deep down, loathe the coming summer. But I can’t let it show. I have to enjoy this little time we have left to the best of my ability. I have to live 100% of myself, each and every passing day…

Edit: The new ISS machines in the Physics building are weird! They’ve finally upgraded them to machines that can actually handle running WinXP, which is good… They’ve also given them 15-inch TFTs, which are okay, but they’ve kept the original huge desktop cases so the screens look really tiny compared to the computers! ^_^;

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