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Okay, how hard can it be to get a doctor’s appointment?

I called last Friday - admittedly quite late in the day - and was told “Sorry, you can’t book an appointment now. Call back on Monday if you still have the same symptoms.” Fair enough, I thought. Maybe the receptionist was just about to leave and had shut down her computer or something.

So on Monday morning, it gets to 8am and I start calling them. By the time I get something other than an engaged tone, it’s 11am.

“Sorry, we’re fully booked for today.”

ARGH. “Okay, can you make me an appointment for tomorrow?”

“Sorry, you’ll have to call back tomorrow, we can only make appointments on the day.”


So today is that tomorrow, and I figure rather than calling them and it being engaged for three hours, I’ll just go to the surgery. I show up at 8.30am.

“Sorry, we’re fully booked for today.”


“I’m afraid so. I can make you an appointment for tomorrow, though.”

“Okay, I- wait, you can?!”


So, five days after calling, and having had to take two bits-of-days off work, I may actually be able to see a doctor tomorrow.

Most annoying thing is, I’m getting better anyway, and not coughing nearly as much as I was at the weekend. What’s the betting I’ll have no symptoms at all by the time I get to see the doctor?