On the Genealogy of Videogames

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Yet another day of high-velocity panic. Unit 01 is falling to pieces more and more rapidly, and it’s supposed to be delivered on Thursday… (People making Evangelion references will be shot. And posthumously applauded.)

P.S. Someone needs to buy me this. And a new house to put it in. Cray on eBay

P.P.S. Well, they named it. Damn Nietzsche whores, the lot of ‘em. Xenosaga Ep.III - Also Sprach Zarathustra.

My current bets:

Episode 4: Tricky… “Zur Genealogie der Moral”?

Episode 5: “Xenogears” =p

Episode 6: “Götzen-Dämmerung”?

P.P.P.S. 250 pageviews on my DevArt account today! Quarter of the way there to a total worth mentioning! ^_^;

Four days to go.