Once More the Melancholy Music Plays (Harmony)

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Once more, let the melancholy music play;
Once more, once more…
Once more, we return and here we stay;
Once more, once more…
Once more, long past the fading of the day;
Once more, once more…

The atmosphere here is swirling, there’s no such thing as being able to step back and see things for what they are. We’re all involved, I guess, to some extent. There’s the way I would make things if I had the power to do so, and there’s the way they’re going to turn out, and they’re not the same. Danger looms, that’s certain, and the only thing more certain than that is uncertainty itself.

Whilst I remain well and happy and trying not to feel guilty for it (and maybe even speaking my mind without regret once in a while) it’s not as if all the problems in the world were magically solved as December faded away. They’ve just passed on - new problems for new people, a cycle that it seems must repeat for a while.

It’s not difficult to see what to do in these kinds of situations. While I may not have social skills, confidence, knowledge or experience on my side, I do at least have conviction. What I will do is my best.