Forward Once More (Melody)

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Rucksack packed full of clothes, books and papers in the two satchels slung one over each shoulder, water bottle in its pouch and umbrella in its belt scabbard. Sleeping bag tied on, rolled up tent tied on, frying pan tied on. Music playing, alarm set, door locked. It’s time to go; time for the next part of the adventure to begin.

I’m back home, home to a place I never thought I’d be able to call “the City of Dreams”. But in a way that’s what it is. Soon, now, we might have to wake up and find Forever. But now, for just a few more months, we can keep on living a dreamlike part of life. A part of life where we’re all together, a part of life where we can laugh and cry so much, a part of life when we can become and be ourselves.

One hundred and seventy-six days remain of our dream together. I can’t make up my mind whether that’s a long time or a short one. It’ll have to be long enough, though, because that’s all there’s going to be.

Still, the dance continues. Our song is eternal; our story neverending. Our springtime has come, and as this winter turns to summer we will spin feelings around us that will last even unto the end of forever.