The streetlight by my front door flickers into red, pauses, and slowly begins its ascent into orange as the city around it descends into darkness. The sky fades from blue, to navy, to black. It’s the end of another year, as colour washes out of the landscape and all the shops close their doors on the freezing world.

So much has changed, since last time Winter settled its snowy wings over us… Life has changed its pace, a little - speeded up, I think, although considering the future that might not be such a good thing… I have but six months left here with the people I love before I must apparently embark on the next stage of my journey - something approximating adulthood. Of course, I wish that years like that gone by would last forever. For all its ups and downs, the year gone by was drenched with so much feeling that I don’t want to let it go.

But, I suppose, I have to. 2005 now lies frozen in time, almost unchangable. I guess all that remains is to look forward to everything that 2006 will bring.

Happy new year, everybody!