Sanity's Requiem, Epilogue: The End of Autumn

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Twenty-two days ago, as the afternoon twilight fell across the city, the universe’s discordant orchestra started to play, and the dance began. November’s winds blew chill through our hearts, and our search for warmth pulled the world out of shape as we whirled and jumped on the ballroom floor.

In time that floor fell away and, through the orchestra played still in our hearts, the world around us ceased to exist. Appointments lost to sleep, mornings lost to alcohol, evenings lost to tears. Through our pain and confusion, we ignored the world and lived in our own instead. And, what’s more, we survived. We made the world our own despite the confusion, and we saw things through until the end.

Now, twilight fades to darkness and I shut my blinds against the blackness of the world. A year that changed our lives now lies dying and fades away, much as we fade away from this city. The cold tightens its grip on our hearts, but no longer does the orchestra play in disharmony. The song that’s beginning to play now is wonderful and sublime, peaceful as a night in front of the fire and beautiful as a fresh snowfall. And we dance on.

Thank you for helping, everybody. Not just for those who gave advice, hugs, chocolate or sympathy. But thank you for listening, thank you for reading.

There’s time to think, now, time to reflect, time for it to all sink in. Time to be collected, safe, and secure. Time to be human. Because, at the end of it all, we are all still human.

The snow time is coming, and the ground will lie frozen and pure. But in time, the Spring will come. The warmth in our hearts will melt the ice and bring water and wind to the waiting world. Life will return to the world and to our hearts. And, in time, the sunshine will come again, and happiness will blossom and burst forth into a million shining flowers that will clothe the landscape in perfection until the ends of eternity.

Come, take my hand, and let us dance. Tomorrow awaits us.