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  • Old Before My Time

    The flat upstairs appear to have acquired Guitar Hero: World Tour - judjing by the songs that I can hear all too clearly from my living room and bedroom. I’m assuming their drummer plays on Easy, as once every two seconds or so, there’s an almighty thump that you can feel in the walls.

    Were I childless, I’d head up there with beer and plastic guitars and ask if they had space for any more players. But with Joseph sleeping, and my ever-present paranoia about him waking up, I’ve considered going up and asking them to turn it down.

    How old am I supposed to be again? =S

  • A Silly Day

    Today has been a silly day. I present:

    Why LARPers should not have children.

    In related news, why roleplayers should not watch pre-school television shows. I will run this game one day, mark my words!

  • Neo Garlic!

    Neo Garlic!, originally uploaded by Tsuki-chama.

    Neo Garlic’s power level is over 9000!

  • Farewell, 2008

    Two hours left of 2008 (2G8?) and just like with Christmas, it sure as hell doesn’t feel like it. There were some fireworks, earlier, set off from the balcony of our flat block - but they didn’t last long, and soon enough people disappeared back into the warmth of the indoors. I suspect I’ll end up staying awake until midnight, provided there’s something tolerable on TV, but no-one around here is going out or doing anything.

    Strangest of all has been explaining the fireworks to Joseph, who in all likelihood doesn’t remember a time when it wasn’t 2008. I suppose a year will remain an unimaginably long time to him for many years yet. And I guess when he’s our age, a year will pass in a flash, barely noticed.

    Still, what the hell, might as well raise a glass to the departed year - all two weeks of it - and to the year yet to come. And don’t forget to set your clocks forward a second at midnight! =p

  • Of Lamb, Pork, Duck, Gammon and Turkey

    This week has been a good one for food. Thanks to non-traditional (or at least not traditionally British) Christmas dinners, I’ve had five different meats over the last three days, if you’ll indulge my reference to pork loin and gammon as different things.

    And I’ve two days running had my ideal Christmas - sod presents, decorations and all that, my Christmas consists of three things in chronological order:

    1) Working my arse off in the kitchen
    2) Eating far too much
    3) Drinking various alcoholic things while lying back in a comfy chair and chatting to friends and family.

    I think this might make me an old man, or a father, or something. Fetch me my pipe and slippers.

    At this point, I’d also like to thank my stomach for its performance. Tuesday night saw me vomiting copiously and drinking Lemsip, by Wednesday night I was shovelling stilton, Rioja and brandy down my throat with no ill effects at all. Yay!

    Multi-bird roast desire this year: 78% and rising.

  • Sickness and Despatching of Toddlers

    Today’s the third day that Joseph’s spent off around the place without Eric or I, and for once I feel kind of guilty. The previous two days he was kind of a pain, but so far today he’s been soppy and cuddly, but I still have to give him away. Unfair! D= Still, I’m not exactly feeling great this morning, so going back to bed is a remarkably appealing idea.

    I wish I was more constant in my feelings for Joseph, really. On a calm, cuddly day I don’t want to see him go, but on an annoying screamy day he can’t get out of here fast enough!

    Anyway, to bed. Or Rock Band 2. There is that…

  • Introducing: Minehunter

    I have been somewhat bored over the last few weeks. To celebrate my last day of freedom from the whims of Joseph, I with moderate trepidation release what I’ve been working on: a shitty asteroids-esque game about mine-hunting.

    Having spent the whole of an hour writing a generic Minesweeper game, I figured I’d spend my next few weekends writing a more realistic thing - a game about how minesweeping’s actually (sometimes) done.

    If you have a spare ten minutes, feel free to waste them on this. (It’s a Java app, so it’ll run on whatever OS you have.)

    You can get the game here.

    Biggest problem so far: it’s not a whole lot of fun. And the graphics are shit. Given free time and a book on OpenGL or something, I might fix that.

  • Imminence of Christmas

    What the hell? Suddenly, it’s the 19th of December. It’s my last day at work before two weeks of Christmas holiday. But where was the build-up? Where the sense of the joyous release of the holiday season?

    Is it a sign that I’m getting older - or perhaps that I’m the father of a toddler - that I haven’t felt excited even at the prospect of two weeks off work? Truth be told, I’ve barely noticed that time has passed in the last six months or so. And only a decade ago, December was far, far too long!

    One day, when I have a child that understands instead of a toddler that doesn’t, do you reckon I could have that feeling back for a while?

  • Iron Man

    Clearly I work for an uncool defence contractor, or something. I wonder how you get into the cool side…

    Also squee, (the bit after the credits)!

  • War on Terror! The RPG

    As promised on Twitter earlier today:

    A roleplaying revolution!

    An assault against all things politically correct!

    Hilliary Clinton is Captain America, and there are zombies!

    War on Terror: The RPG!