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This is part of my blog, which I have long since stopped maintaining. The page has been preserved in case its content is of any interest. Please go back to the homepage to see the current contents of this site.

  • And So the Exodus Begins

    It’s beginning to happen already - the first of us, that group of who’ve been together for three years now, has already left university for the final time. Over the next two weeks, the rest of us will follow. No more shall we call this city our home.

    There’s a whole wide world out there waiting for us, but it waits for us separately.

    It’s times like this, for me, that I can almost feel the hope that burns within us fading. But it won’t fade, not at all. Because no matter how far apart we all become, we’ve shared so many things that have bound us together. Our common experiences will keep us as one, forever and ever.

    And when I think of the future that way, it’s not so scary any more.

  • A New Challenger Comes!

    I think you’re mostly in fair agreement that Foxglove is the gayest picture of me taken recently. (See my previous post if you’re confused.)

    However, there is a new contender for the gayest thing I’ve done on the internet: Firestaffing, badly, in time to folk music. Fear.

  • Quick Question

    Of three photos of me taken in the last week, which is the gayest?





  • Clockwork Winding Down

    Today was fun, pure and simple. No problems in life, no drama to contend with, no worries about the future, just fun from start to finish.

    So it seems to me then, at last, that my education has finished in the same way as it began. There were no worries for us then, small children that we were. Despite seventeen years of work, and deadlines, and responsibilities, and exams, it’s ending the way it all began. Carefree.

    Of course, in a sense it’s not all over yet. There’ll be no such thing as a clear-cut ending, in this world where communication between friends miles away can be easier than between those who meet face-to-face. The future no longer has to close its doors to the past, and I’ll certainly not be letting it.

    It feels a little like clockwork running down, finally, after all this time. But I have friends who can wind the mechanism back up, so that I can never stop completely.

  • Sleep Patterns

    So, I made it back from Maelstrom. It was very definitely an awesome weekend. Unfortunately, the transition from Maelstrom sleep patterns (3am-8am) to crashing day sleep patterns (3am-noon) seems to have screwed me up completely. At 9pm today it still felt like lunch time, and now a two-hour phone call with Eric has scrambled my brain I’m feeling tired and ill.

    For the super bonus, I have to be up and cooking at 10am tomorrow, for RABIES 2. Hope to see all you Southampton folk - all 24 of you, at last count - there! Don’t forget to bring your food money and an empty stomach, as Alex’s fridge is full of all the lovely food that Andy and I will be making for you!

  • Maelstrom-ho!

    Righty, having now packed and gotten everything ready, I’m off to Maelstrom - or am I?

    Thanks to the ridiculous amount of stuff that had to be done today, and much complication with where I was to be staying tonight, we may not be leaving today after all. I suppose we’ll have to go tomorrow. Ah well, at least not going via Leicester will be cheaper…

    Also, congratulations to the stars of the ‘05-‘06 academic year’s 21st item of drama, aka “Chobits U”. You know who you are. I guess it just goes to prove, this year really was explosive, right until the very end.

  • RABIES 2 Confirmation Post

    Okay, the situation for the end-of-year party, a.k.a. RABIES 2, is now confirmed!

    Date: Tuesday 13th June 2006

    Time: Noon until whenever

    Location: Alex’s House (70 Shaftesbury Avenue, Southampton, SO17 1SD)

    Cost: £5 each to cover the cost of the food

    Bring: Alcohol (or substitute); an empty stomach!

    Invitees: Everyone!

    Confirmed Attendees: 23(+1?) (Alex, Al, Ali, Andy (Hatted), Andy (Little), Anna, Antony, Chantelle, Chris (Alex’s Friend), Possibly-Claire, Donna, Ed, Gareth (Thirza’s BF), Gemma, Hugo, Ian, Mark, Martin (Hatted), Mikael, Nic (Antony’s Friend), Nick 7, Racheet, Rhiannon, Thirza)

    Please let me know if you’re coming! I need to know in advance to buy enough food!

    Also let me know if you have particular dietary requirements that I don’t know about!</i>

    Any other questions?: Reply to this post, and I’ll answer them!

  • Completion

    Well, that’s it. I’ve finished University, all bar my graduation.

    Eternity awaits.

  • The Melancholy of Ian Renton

    Inamongst the hectic schedule of revision and post-exam events, there’s something I’d entirely forgotten about until now.

    In less than a day’s time, I will have finished university.

    My last exam is tomorrow afternoon, finishing at 4.30pm. Besides my eventual graduation ceremony, that’s it.

    Three years? How on Earth did it get to three years? It barely feels like three weeks…

  • A Momentous Occasion

    Ladies and Gentlemen, today is a most rare occasion, one which I hope you will all in later years be proud to have experienced. Yes, for the first time in no less than eight months…


    Yes, that’s right folks! No downloads for me! My torrent queue is empty! I am not leeching anything from eDonkey! Even the Eternal Torrent (16.5GB of Maison Ikkoku) finished earlier this afternoon.

    I suspect this situation, rare and fantastical that it is, will last until approximately… Two hours’ time =p

    11.18pm Edit: Whoops, I’d forgotten to download this week’s Doctor Who. Ah well, I lasted nearly ten hours!