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  • Exams, Drink, Exams...

    Wednesday exam, Nuclei & Particles, was a bit meh. A pretty easy paper, but I forgot a couple of important things which really isn’t going to help my marks.

    Afterwards, there was Pimms & lemonade - somewhere in the region of 20 jugs thereof between 8 of us, before the bar refused to serve us. A somewhat messy night as far as Mike and Hugo were concerned, although I seem to have escaped without hangoverish effects. <3 alcohol tolerance. Still, events conspired to keep me up until 5am - not the best during the middle of exam season.

    Yesterday was full of panicked revision, and I still wasn’t confident when I walked into the exam hall at the ungodly time of 9.30 this morning. As it happened, though, the paper contained minimal maths and even an essay question! Woo yeah! =p I think I rolled a natural 20 =p

    On that note, life’s been interesting and more than a little lucky recently. Also I have been very hungry. Unique character bunk strikes again! Munches on Belgian bun

    And tomorrow I get to teach Little Andy and his brother to swordfight. With only two swords between the two of us. I guess I’ll be using a cardboard tube then. =S Still, should be fun. The weather tomorrow according to the ubiquitous ForecastFox is “mostly sunny and beautiful”, which sounds good to me!

    And, after that, only one more exam left! Hurrah for summertime!

    Also, if you’re in the mood for LJ-related hijinks, poke elseware’s thingy here. It lists all your friends-of-friends on LJ, and tells you which ones you’ve friended and which you haven’t. Mine seems to have the entire of the MinamiCon crowd on it. Scary =S

  • John Keats vs. Standard Model

    “Ah, but is not truth, beauty; and beauty, truth?”

    “No. One has a mass of 172 GeV/c^2, the other 4.5 GeV/c^2.”

    Last minute revision + Me + Mark = bad science jokes

  • Dreams

    There needs to be a Pirates of the Carribean musical, and I need to star in it. Although, if it actually happens I’d appreciate a microphone.

    Still, that dream was awesome.

    Now it feels like my ears are full of cotton wool and my left knee doesn’t work very well. I blame the heavy metal skipping.

    Quote of the evening: “And then, Rhiannon would bounce all over my head like a tiny mockery gibbon.” - Mark

  • Hmm...

    Just had a ten-second phone call from my better half, which went thus:

    Me: “Hello?”

    Her: “Hey, you have even more competition now!”

    Me: “Eh?”

    Her: “Martin thinks I’m gorgeous.”

    Me: “Who’s Martin?”

    Her: “Teehee, bye!” hangs up


  • tsuki.socialStatus ;

    A few months ago, I commented that I’d officially lost my student status, by means of paying over £4 for a panini for lunch.

    I believe I’ve now gone one better.

    This morning’s breakfast cost me £20, and included a swordfish steak as one of the courses.

    That’s worryingly more than middle-class… Does that make me a toff now? o_O

  • End of Year Party

    Since I’m being bugged about this already, here goes:

    The Southampton End-of-Year Party

    (aka RABIES 2, new acronyms wanted)



    Here’s what we know so far:

    • Most peoples' exams have finished by the weekend of the 10th June. (If yours haven't, tell me please!)
    • 24th-25th June is the last weekend of June, which seems a likely time for people to leave Southampton.

    This seems to leave 10th to 23rd June as potential dates. If anyone has any preferences, please let me know!

    Current Date/Attendee Chart

    <td bgcolor=#ee9988>10</td><td bgcolor=#ddaa88>11</td><td bgcolor=#ee9988>12</td><td bgcolor=#88ff88>13</td><td bgcolor=#99ee88>14</td><td bgcolor=#88ff88>15</td><td bgcolor=#99ee88>16</td><td bgcolor=#99ee88>17</td><td bgcolor=#99ee88>18</td><td bgcolor=#99ee88>19</td><td bgcolor=#aadd88>20</td><td bgcolor=#bbcc88>21</td><td bgcolor=#99ee88>22</td><td bgcolor=#99ee88>23</td><td bgcolor=#ee9988>-6</td><td bgcolor=#ddaa88>-5</td><td bgcolor=#ee9988>-6</td><td bgcolor=#88ff88>0</td><td bgcolor=#99ee88>-1</td><td bgcolor=#88ff88>0</td><td bgcolor=#99ee88>-1</td><td bgcolor=#99ee88>-1</td><td bgcolor=#99ee88>-1</td><td bgcolor=#99ee88>-1</td><td bgcolor=#aadd88>-2</td><td bgcolor=#bbcc88>-3</td><td bgcolor=#99ee88>-1</td><td bgcolor=#99ee88>-1</td>


    Hopefully an all-day job again, meeting around midday and carrying on until everyone’s had quite enough.


    This one’s a problem his year, since Mark and I no longer have a big house or a garden. Now with four wondrous options!

    • (OFFERED) We hold it in Alex's garden, which is apparently not huge but does have a BBQ. Addendum: Alex's garden has been independently labelled as "massive".
    • (OFFERED) We hold it in Gemma's garden, i.e. the place where the May Day Festival ende d up.
    • Someone else kindly offers the service of their house for the entire day (including their kitchen for cooking food)
    • We hold it somewhere publically such as on the Common (although after the barbecue issues last time, we couldn't cook there - see the "food" section).


    The same as last time, I’d like it if people contributed a bit - £5 seemed to work well - and all the money was used to buy food and other party essentials.

    As with last time, you lot may need to suffer the terror of Andy’s and my cooking - ably assisted, of course, by anyone who’d like to.

    A possibility if the party is on the Common is to make all the food in advance. Someone with a car could then be persuaded/bribed to drive to our house where we could microwave food and bring it back to the common - thus letting us eat hot food without having to cook there.


    Same as always, bring a bottle! Or cans. Or boxes. Or barrels. Or vats.

    The port tradition continues!


    Nah, I’ve put you through too much already =p No costume this time!


    If you can read this, you’re invited. As are your friends. If you’re not sure whether you’re invited or not, you are.

    However, we do need some idea of num

    bers in advance, so we can buy the right amount of food.

    So, please let me know if you’re coming!

    Currently confirmed attendees:


    Andy (Hatted) - Not 10th-12th

    Andy (Little) - Not 10th-12th

    Chantelle (V) - Not 14th or 16th-23rd

    Domina - Not 10th or 12th

    Gemma - Not 20th or 23rd

    Ian - Not 10th-12th

    Mark - Not 10th-12th

    Racheet (V) - Not 10th-12th or 21st

    Rhiannon (V)

    Total Attendees Registered: 10

    Total Vegetarians: 3

    Thus Food/Party Budget: £50

    Other Things

    Anything I’ve missed? Let me know!

  • Important News for the Future of the World!

    Of particular importance to DJ Andy and anyone who believes Dragonball Z to be a truthful doctumentary:

    Nappa is not in fact dead! The burly Saiyan is alive and well and working in Southampton as an Urban music DJ:

  • Illness Receeding

    Well, it seems I can actually think today without needing to lie down, and I also managed to eat breakfast and drink coffee! Bonus! Hopefully I should be properly well soon - due to all that coughing, I still sound like a horrible cross between Barry White and a toad…

  • Today is...

    Today is officially the day of RSS.

    With no energy to move and needing to lie down for a while every so often, I really haven’t been able to do very much today. Thank goodness, then, for being subscribed to enough RSS feeds that I receive updates almost as fast as I can read them.

  • Update

    Good: Girlfriend’s parents discovered to be non-scary.

    Bad: Still have glorious flu/hayfever combo.