1) It’s really, definitely Spring now! I was down to a t-shirt while wandering around today and was still warm; the trees are starting to blossom; and I saw two different kinds of butterfly on the way into Uni, too.

2) The postal service has a running conspiracy to make it appear that I am buying many varied sizes of rocket launcher. The last two major things I mail-ordered both came as a long thin tube with a sort of bulgy bit on one side about quarter of the way down. What with my security clearance for work not quite complete yet, I wonder if MI5 realise that I’ve bought a firestaff, poi, a bokken and some sandals rather than two rocket launchers? =p

3) Tabi socks are awesome, however I shan’t be using them as costume at Maelstrom. They’re currently that really-bad-washing-powder-advert white, and thus even so much as showing them a picture of some mud will get them dirty. Still, I’ll be wearing them on May 1st. And around the house for that matter.