It’s been so long, you know, since I first came here. Back then, I was so unsure of myself, and so - in a way - scared of those around me. I think, back then, innocence was the one thing in the world I prized the most. So much so that it was something I strived to keep as much as possible, and so much so that my easily-breakable nature that appeared as a by-product created a hobby for my friends.

It’s been nearly three years, three years of learning and three years of change for all of us.

In my first year, I learned a bit about what life is.

In my second year, I learned a lot about what friends are.

And now, in my third and final year here, I’m coming to learn who I am.

I guess, in more ways than one, I’m not so innocent anymore. It’s been a gradual process, but I’m not quite so breakable now. It really brought it home a few weeks ago when I managed to disturb Zane - a feat I’m not sure anyone else appears to have managed. All I said was one word, but in front of someone who didn’t believe me capable of uttering such a word… It’s all in the timing, it really

is. Even if the timing involves two and a half years of waiting.

More and more, these days, I’m becoming fully myself. And I only have my friends to thank for it, so… Thank you!

“I feel like I can see the future more and more these days, and what I see is a future full of light, and life, and love. I see a heaven, a glittering future story, a never-ending tale of hearts and swords.”

~ Kotori, narrating “A Decade Went Past”</i>