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  • I have an Alternate Past on the Internet! (plus Cyberstalking fun)

    In equal measure crazy, creepy and awesome, I seem to have an alternate past, as seen by the internet.

    Allow me to explain.

    I was messing around with Google Alerts earlier on today, and tried sticking my own name, Ian Renton, in as a query. I sat back and waited for its selection of news and web pages featuring my name to roll in.

    Earlier this evening, the first e-mail arrived. Amongst the expected selection of news concerning the world’s more famous Ian Rentons, it dug up a few pages about me. Firstly, a couple that I was expecting. Then, I stumbled upon this:

    My name, date of birth, handles, University, and so on are all right. The page is clearly about me. Except for a few minor differences. I’ve mentioned here a couple of times a guy who I had a big falling-out with nearly four years ago now, by the name of Thomas Ash. Close, but not quite the “Thomas Ashworth” mentioned in the page - I’ve never known anyone by the name of Ashworth. Most worryingly, the page declared that this “Thomas Ashworth” was dead. I was also surprised that the page mentioned SECOS, the operating system idea that Tom Ash and I came up with while we were at secondary school but lacked the expertise to write.

    Intrigued, I dug deeper. This Wikipedia user by the handle of “Krik” has little on his main User page besides the fact that his name is Norm. More digging.

    If you search Wikipedia including User pages for “Ian Renton”, it throws up a couple more pages by Krik that a normal search doesn’t. First up, a page on Thomas Ashworth. It gets his birthday wrong, although it gets a fair bit of his past right. And, it claims he died aged 14. For a start I knew the guy up until he was 16…

    Also very much odd is the page on SECOS - somewhat detailed. Somewhat full of information that Tom and I never came up with. It also mentions a certain “Johnathan Whitfield”, of whom I have never heard.

    Cyber-stalking commenced. I was intrigued to find out who this Krik was. I snuffled out more of his personal page

    s on Wikipedia, or which this one seemed to link him to Filton College, Bristol and a man called Gary Wilmott. this one suggests he is probably a resident of South Gloucestershire and this suggests he lives in Thornbury, the town in which Thomas Ash once lived. Looks like a good hit. And, not long later, bingo. Norman Rogers it is.

    Actually, I do remember that name from a while back. I seemed to recall once having problems with him making malicious edits on the Wiki I used to run (funny how thing’s… don’t… change), so I poked the Wayback Machine but sadly to no avail. Still, I have the man’s name and also I suspect his parents’ names, their address and phone number.

    Cyber-stalking complete, methinks. Beyond that I can’t be bothered, since it was merely a curious waste of an hour.

    All in all, nothing particularly exciting I guess - although I’m still kind of fond of the idea that there’s another different theory about what happened in my

    past floating around the backwaters of the ‘net. Thank you Mister Norman S Rogers of Thornbury, Bristol!

  • Covenant

    Squee, Covenant! Despite a five-hour journey home that resulted in me smelling of bus engines and dealing with a stressed Domina, this evening was well worth it. Also I have spent too much money today. But still; squee, Covenant. And also a contested minor squee for the support bands, “Pride and Fall” and the other one whose intro we missed. Racheet and I agree on their unoriginality, but not on whether they are still good regardless.

    And now to bed, hoping I can get to sleep before dawn. Goodnight, nya~!

    (Which reminds me, I wore cat ears to the gig. This may make me “hardcore” \m/, although I seriously doubt it. Although there was someone else there who had cat ears too, so I’m probably not all that weird.)

  • Obligatory Birthday Post!

    I’m now 21 years old. Wheee!

  • Perfect Bloodbowl Weather.

    Dear me, it would appear to be summer. Right on cue.

    Willpower -> Max, Glamour -> Max. Time to get that project done!

  • Here Goes...

    As the sun rose, bright and warm, over the city of Southampton, so did I. This is my last day of lab work on the RoboFish project - a maximum of five hours remain for the project to get as close to completion as it will ever be.

    Here goes nothing, and here’s hoping I get as much luck as I need.


  • Backwash

    So, the post-party drama has hit as it was always bound to. Beltane never ceases to be… interesting. Still, there remains little to be said that I haven’t already said to the relevant people (with one exception, to be dealt with tomorrow). Now a day has passed since the party, life feels sane again - and god knows I need life to be sane if I’m to make it through the next few days - but I’m no less optimistic than I was. The drama never ceases, of course (to the few of you to whom this makes sense, I believe we’re probably now on Chobits S) but still I believe things will turn out for the best.

    And no matter what happens, whatever we do… we’re still only human.

  • The May Day Festival

    That… was awesome. My birthday parties just keep on getting shinier and shinier! Thank you to everyone who turned up, especially those of you who came in costume. Sooo happy! bounces

    It’s good to be home afterwards though, too. Every part of my body aches, and it’s really good to be home and warm again. I may need to sleep for some time…

    Thank you, everyone…

  • Rude Song Adaptation #3459201

    Have spent large portions of today singing the Maelstrom variant of “I used to work in Chicago” with Mark and Andy. There will be a group rendition of this and other choice dodgy songs tomorrow, if for no other reason than breaking Hugo as much as the Cucumber Song does.

    Either way, a new variant of the song is forming:

  • Cosplay Hyper!

    Turns out interesting things happen when you ask people to turn up to a party in costume. The last week’s been almost week-before-convention levels of buildup, mostly cosplay-related.

  • Because all the Cool Kids are doing it


    (10 of the top 12 posts on my friends page now mention the Wii)

    (Explanation for non-gamers)

    Bring on the image macros

    What could have been:

    Introducing… WRYYYYYYYYYY!

    As in, “we.”

    While the code-name “Revolution” expressed our direction, WRYYYYYYYYYYY represents the answer.

    WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYY will break down the wall that separates video game players from everybody else.

    WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYY will put people more in touch with their games… and each other. But you’re probably asking: What does the name mean?

    WRYYYYYYYYYYYY sounds like “we,” which emphasises this console is for everyone.

    WRYYYYYYYYYYY can easily be remembered by people around the world, no matter what language they speak. No confusion. No need to abbreviate. Just WRYYYYYYYYYY!

    WRYYYYYYYYYYYY has a distinctive “YYYYYYYYYYY” spelling that symbolises both the unique controllers and the image of people gathering to play.

    And WRYYYYYYYYYYY, as a name and a console, brings something revolutionary to the world of video games that sets it apart from the crowd.

    So that’s WRYYYYYYYYYYY. But now Nintendo needs you.

    Because, it’s not really about you or me.

    It’s about WRYYYYYYYYYYYY.

    And together, WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYY will change everything.