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This is part of my blog, which I have long since stopped maintaining. The page has been preserved in case its content is of any interest. Please go back to the homepage to see the current contents of this site.

  • Tsuki's Adventures in Conventionland

    Ack, I apologise for the vastness of the entry… Here goes the details of a fantastic weekend…!

  • A Season's Slow Dawning

    Somehow, I’m left with a sense of achievement despite not really having achieved anything today. I think many things were achieved around me, and somehow I feel like I was involved. But whatever the reality is, it certainly feels like the summertime of our hearts and minds is dawning again…

    And back down to Earth. I have to be up and working in less than six hours. Also I’m meeting Jodi for lunch, doing two problem sheets in the afternoon, and playing 7th Sea in the evening. And the week doesn’t get any less busy as it goes along. But somehow, despite it all, I’m happy being this busy. Summer’s dawn, again, I guess.

  • Tonight...

    Tonight, we watched puppets perform oral sex.

    Thank you for reading, that’ll be all.

  • Tsuki == Flonne?

    Now I think about it, it’s dawned on me what this costume I’m wearing reminds me of - Flonne from Disgaea. Except my bows are orange and red, not blue.

    Pictures soon, so you can all fear…

    EDIT: Actually, now I’m properly wearing this, I’m really embarassed about it ;;_;; It looks far too much like a dress rather than robes. Still, no matter how girly it looks, I think Yang is still a better prospect than Yaoi.

  • Touching Perfection

    I’m not sure why tonight seemed so oddly perfect, but… it just did. Nothing particularly special happened, but perhaps that was part of what made it perfect - simply that everyone was there, and everything was just as my imagination would suggest that it should be. One of the many days that will forever define the memories of my friends.

  • S

    I wonder if maybe I shouldn’t drink alcohol before I go to bed… For the last week there’s been bottles of cider lying around, and since I’m the only one in the house who drinks cider I’ve been having a few glasses each night to finish it off. But last night was a bit odd… I fell asleep instantly, as far as I know, and woke up instantly too. It felt like no time had passed, and I woke up wondering why on earth the alarm clock had gone off for a few minutes until I actually registered that it was 8am. It was really quite unnerving…


    My house has, for the use of people staying over: One spare single bed, one living room sofa, one spare duvet, one spare sheet, and the other half of my double bed if anyone wants it. I don’t mind what gets used or who has what, but just so everyone knows what I have. It’d probably be useful if one or two people brought sleeping bags if they could, since I don’t have enough bedclothes for everyone.

  • A Minimalist Week

    Sorry for a week of no updates… Not an awful lot’s happened, really.

    On Friday night, people came round to watch some of the worst films ever made (allegedly). Much fun! And, er, actually I quite like ‘Plan 9 from Outer Space’… ^_^;

    I went back home to see my parents at the weekend as it’s close enough to my mum’s birthday. It was reasonably fun - got to go to an expensive French restaurant too! - but as usual nothing much happened. I attempted to write more of ‘A World Outside the Snow’ but could only manage two paragraphs… Damnit, one day it’ll get finished.

    Sunday involved… well… it needs pictures to do it justice. Should be appearing on Racheet’s blog soon.

    Costume plans for Jodi’s party on Saturday are coming together. I have everything I need, I’ve just gotta find the time to throw it all together and mess around with it for a while until it looks wearable. After the weekend I’ll be nicking bits of it to add to my costume for the Maelstrom LARP later on this month.


    0AHowever, oddly, Minamicon will be pretty much the one weekend this month when I won’t be wearing costumes… I never did get around to making the Miki costume. The con’s looming scarily close now, and I’m nervous about what impression people from Bournemouth and people from Southampton will give each other ^_^; Hopefully it should be okay, though. Which reminds me:

    MINAMICON ATTENDEES</font> Who's expecting to stay at my place? This is my current list, please let me know if anything's going to be different! Adam, Ant, Dom, Andy That's that dealt with, hopefully. Right then, on with the quiz!

  • Yuki's Fairytale Moment

    For the third time in two days, it’s snowing outside… That thick, fairytale-like snow that blows around on the breeze as it drifts towards the ground - that kind of snow that barely looks real, it looks like the only place it belongs is in the props department for a movie company. It’s the kind of snow I feel blessed to have seen.

    I spam teh pseudo-art.

  • Gaussian Blur at the Edges of what is Real

    In character, there was a party. Out of character, there was a party.

    In character, there was alcohol. Out of character, there was alcohol.

    In character, I seem to have managed something that I’m still incapable of out of character.

    Maybe this is an experience that’ll make that kind of thing easier for me in “real” life.

    But then, maybe it won’t. Kotori’s world is very different from mine.

    Or… then again… maybe it isn’t.

    Characters mirror characters, personalities mirror personalities, events mirror events.

    Maybe it might be possible for Ian, now.

  • The Good, the Bad and the Story

    Good News: I have another short story lined up after I (hopefully imminently) finish the two I’m currently working on, and - this is a new thing for me - it WON’T BE ANGSTY. Got that? Beat me with haddock if I even verge on making it the slightest bit angsty.

    Bad News: I want the main character to be called Caramel. I don’t know why. Feel free to comment telling me how dumb a name that is.