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This is part of my blog, which I have long since stopped maintaining. The page has been preserved in case its content is of any interest. Please go back to the homepage to see the current contents of this site.

  • Unexpected Phone Call

    Yeah, um, I just got a phone call I wasn’t quite expecting.

    My grandad just died.

    I guess we weren’t all that close and all, but I still wonder if the fact I’m not feeling especially emotional is a bad thing…

  • Random Brain Spam

    No real patience for a proper entry, so I’m afraid I’m just going to spam stuff about the last week.

    Bournemouth meet was fantastic and awesome and stuff. Great to see everyone again! We danced to Scorpion Fire, go us. Unfortunately I had flu-like things so didn’t enjoy it as much as I could have. The headache I had back then hasn’t gone yet, it’s been a week. I’m learning to just ignore it now.

    Finished watching 2x2=Shinobuden. WTFLOLBBQ.

    Watched the end of AIR. Cried lots.

    Watched Tsubasa ep. 1. Looks like it’ll be awesome.

    Watched The Ultimate Ninja. Probably the worst (and therefore best) of the Bad Ninja Movies we’ve seen so far. Ninja Dragon torrenting fun as soon as I have enough hard disk space to rip it.

    On a similar note, my hard disk is making really unhealthy noises all the time now. I can’t afford to replace it, so I just hope it lasts for another month when I might get some money for my birthday.

    Big reason for lack of money:


    This summer will rock.

    Tomorrow I’m going to do coursework and drink coffee. Right now I feel like even that might rock. I guess, despite the constant headache, I’m feeling really happy right now. Feels like summer.

  • Memory and Syllabary

    Not much to report at the moment, I’m at my parents house and relegated to using their 56k pay-per-minute dialup for less than an hour every few days.

    Now for the odd bit. A memory resurfaced the other day of my first year at primary school, when we were being taught about syllables. We had to organise ourselves into groups depending on how many syllables our name had, and I couldn’t quite grasp how my name had fewer letters than anyone else’s but still had two syllables, whereas some people had longer names of just one syllable.

    This inspired me to challenge you lot - what’s the longest word you can think of that has just one syllable? Plurals aren’t allowed. So far you have a target of 8 letters (“strength”) to beat. Anyone know of a 9-letter one?

    Enjoy the challenge! (If you’re sufficiently interested, or just bored =p)

  • Maelstrom

    I’ll avoid posting too much here, both because my words probably can’t do it justice and because most readers of my blog aren’t interested in in-character stuff anyway. Suffice to say that the last five days have been fantastic. I guess it may well be the ultimate in geekdom, but still, LARPing was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done. I’ll most certainly be doing it again!

  • Just My Luck

    First off - today I took a trip to Bournemouth to see people there, which was awesome. While there, we watched something that seemed to be In Nomine the movie, starring Neo. Apparently there was supposed to be a character called John Constantine in the film, but it must have been a pretty minor part as I don’t think I noticed him…

    Anyway, enough rambling. Afterwards we went and cooked and ate curry at Dom’s, which was also awesome. Unfortunately, the events as soon as I got back to Southampton were less so. I’ve just walked for an hour in pouring rain, carrying a heavy backpack, so have to face the delicious irony of being drenched and dehydrated at the same time. Also I’m now hungry, and the only items of food I have are a block of marzipan and a green pepper. I guess I’d better eat that marzipan, and try to buy some breakfast tomorrow.

    Also, I have a headache, and I couldn’t find half the camping stuff I wanted to take with me tomorrow. I hope things look better in the morning, because right now they suck.

  • After the World has Faded Away

    Today I think is proof that, no matter how productive I think I’d be, I should never be allowed to live alone. The house is cold, and quiet, and dark, and empty… And it’s got me into the kind of state of mind where you’re bored but yet there’s nothing appealing to do…

    Although it’ll be insanely busy, and expensive, I can’t wait for Wednesday to next Tuesday - there’ll be so much to do, and it’ll be so fun…

  • Chapter Two: Epilogue

    Today, we defeated our long-running antagonist, resurrected a friend and saved the world.

    Even fiction can leave you feeling happy beyond words.

  • Wind Flowers of Summer

    Wow… it’s like Spring decided to give it a miss this year and get stuck straight in to Summer. The weather today was beautiful…

  • St. Patrick's Day

    So, there are these sheep, right? They roll themselves into balls and roll over bridges, then get hit by giant mecha cricket bats.

    Anyway, the sheep aren’t important. The important thing is, they’re in league with the ducks. These Aylesbury ducks are attempting to take over Southampton University and then the world by making chemicals in the Chemistry department that will turn humans into mindless slaves.

    Meanwhile, back on the ranch, Rolf harris is having sex with chickens while his wife squeezes his balls to make him sing higher as foreplay. It’s all excusable, though, as he’s making a deal with the chickens and will be on our side to save humanity while the chickens and ducks play Mortal Kombat to decide the fate of the Earth.

    We will win, though, for one very important reason - after we’ve stalked him for a while, Rolf will give us the secret of his beard shortly before being dressed up in a fur suit and being put down at Animal Hospital. Armed with this knowledge, we’ll breed hundreds and thousands of these beards, sneak up behind the ducks and put the beards on them, thus defeating them by making them look silly.

    Meanwhile humanity will be divided into the Beard faction and the Moustache faction, who will fight it out by playing Bloodbowl - one side playing beaked halflings, the other playing orcs with Rolf’s beard.


    The scariest thing about tonight is, we were sober.

  • Planetarian

    <a href=>Planetarian</a> just broke my mind. And now AIR TV episode 10 has just downloaded. It’s a conspiracy, I tell you… Damn Key and their capability to screw up my brain. I’m never going to get any work done today at this rate…