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This is part of my blog, which I have long since stopped maintaining. The page has been preserved in case its content is of any interest. Please go back to the homepage to see the current contents of this site.

  • Yesterdays and Tomorrows

    Well, as yesterdays are wont to do, yesterday finished. I think today is a little cloudier, and a little lonlier, than yesterday was. Still, it’s to be expected. If every day was like yesterday, it wouldn’t have been special. So, it’s time to go on with life after a day-long break.

    I’m thinking, though… When I said being 20 didn’t feel like being 19… Maybe I lied a little. Two decades feels somehow important, now that I think about it. Maybe something is changing.

  • Heaven's Evening Melody

    In the end, the afternoon and evening were better than enjoyable. Really, I can hardly think of a way in which the day has been imperfect. Nearly everyone was here, and we had so much fun in the afternoon sunlight and the warm evening. There was pizza, and cake and a whole hamper-full of sweets. Truly, I’m blessed to spend times like these with friends like these.

    Thank you, everyone, so much…

    “I am life’s flame!
    Respect my name!
    My fire is red my heart is gold-
    Thy dreams can be!
    Believe in me!
    If you but let my wings unfold!”

    ~ Heather Alexander - Life’s Flame

  • Fireworks of the Heart

    Today just keeps feeling better and better as it goes on, although I can’t really describe why. Somehow, the cleaning and washing up and food shopping I’m about to do feel like they might even be fun. Everything’s sunny, and happy, and shining, without exception.

    And speaking of shiny, the card my parents sent me is shiny. Actually shiny. And gold. With extra dragons. ^_____^ Burthday card or not, that’s becoming a tiny but nevertheless awesome poster.

  • Beltane's Fluff

    Yet again, dandelion seeds blow in the wind and the sun beats down from a brilliant blue sky. I’m so glad to celebrate at this time of year, when the world glitters so wonderfully…

    Side note: If you’ve used or recently, you’ll probably realise that they now check for a valid Windows licence before allowing you to do anything. I assume you need a copy of Windows that’s been properly registered with a serial number that isn’t one of the ones passed around with cracked copies. However, um… WINE running under Linux validates just fine. I profess myself a little confused ^_^;

  • Ian, now with 100% less teenager.

    I find myself in the strange and unexpected position of being twenty years old.

    Holy haddock, how did that happen? o_O

  • Drifting Clouds and Drifting Seeds

    And so, suddenly, it was May again. A warm breeze blew across the garden and in through the window, mingling with the bright sunshine that set the sky alight. There’s barely a second of time that isn’t heralded by birdsong from the rooves and treetops. My room’s slowly being decorated with the dandelion seeds that are flying in through the window; but on days like this, things like that don’t matter. In fact, it even feels like a good thing. I’d sleep on a bed of them, if I could - because, at long last, it’s summer. A time of year when everything, including me, can shine…

  • Afternoon

    The air outside is hot, and thick, and full of the hands of dandelion clocks. Yet it doesn’t smell like thunder. It smells like cities. Strange smell.

    Also, our landlord is retarded. He came ‘round today to put new lino down in the kitchen. Unfortunately he just put it down on top of the old stuff. Good job. Also he seems to have stolen the plank of wood we used to repair our bench. I have no idea why.

    And, no matter how much chocolate I eat, I still feel hungry. I have just realised that this is because it’s 7pm rather than the 4pm I thought it was. Arse. Cooking time.


  • Apologies for the Lack of Posts

    Sorry for not having posted in the last week or so… I’m afraid nothing especially exciting has been happening. There was my grandad’s funeral, which was… funeral-like, and plenty of Uni work, and seeing friends, and… that’s about it. There’s always been stuff going on, but it’s not seemed like I should be writing about it. Maybe I just used to write about more stuff than I do now…

    Oh yeah, also, my website has a few bits of new info - mainly setting stuff for DA and FC. More additions coming soon, if I have some free time this week.

  • I can Feel my Ears

    I just had a haircut. Feels weird ;;_;;

  • Calm and Easy So Far

    Well, looks like I’m slowly getting over the ‘flu thing… I haven’t got my appetite back yet though. If my stomach’s reading this, get back to your normal cake-devouring ability quickly, plzkthx.

    Anyways, this morning I managed to get my essay in on time, which was good at least. Scarily, though, it turns out that we’re expected to choose our final year projects… tomorrow. Argh! I have no idea… There’s a list of one’s that are available that’s going ‘round, but even then I can’t decide - there’s a few that look really interesting but pretty hard, while there’s ones that really just need a bit of theory and a bit of MATLAB so are easily possible, but might be boring… Bleh, I dunno.

    Also, I have to get my hair cut ;;_;; Apparently I’m not allowed to turn up at the funeral with untidy hair. Go my parents, they don’t suck at all.