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I wonder if maybe I shouldn’t drink alcohol before I go to bed… For the last week there’s been bottles of cider lying around, and since I’m the only one in the house who drinks cider I’ve been having a few glasses each night to finish it off. But last night was a bit odd… I fell asleep instantly, as far as I know, and woke up instantly too. It felt like no time had passed, and I woke up wondering why on earth the alarm clock had gone off for a few minutes until I actually registered that it was 8am. It was really quite unnerving…


My house has, for the use of people staying over: One spare single bed, one living room sofa, one spare duvet, one spare sheet, and the other half of my double bed if anyone wants it. I don’t mind what gets used or who has what, but just so everyone knows what I have. It’d probably be useful if one or two people brought sleeping bags if they could, since I don’t have enough bedclothes for everyone.