A Minimalist Week

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Sorry for a week of no updates… Not an awful lot’s happened, really.

On Friday night, people came round to watch some of the worst films ever made (allegedly). Much fun! And, er, actually I quite like ‘Plan 9 from Outer Space’… ^_^;

I went back home to see my parents at the weekend as it’s close enough to my mum’s birthday. It was reasonably fun - got to go to an expensive French restaurant too! - but as usual nothing much happened. I attempted to write more of ‘A World Outside the Snow’ but could only manage two paragraphs… Damnit, one day it’ll get finished.

Sunday involved… well… it needs pictures to do it justice. Should be appearing on Racheet’s blog soon.

Costume plans for Jodi’s party on Saturday are coming together. I have everything I need, I’ve just gotta find the time to throw it all together and mess around with it for a while until it looks wearable. After the weekend I’ll be nicking bits of it to add to my costume for the Maelstrom LARP later on this month.


0AHowever, oddly, Minamicon will be pretty much the one weekend this month when I won’t be wearing costumes… I never did get around to making the Miki costume. The con’s looming scarily close now, and I’m nervous about what impression people from Bournemouth and people from Southampton will give each other ^_^; Hopefully it should be okay, though. Which reminds me:

MINAMICON ATTENDEES</font> Who's expecting to stay at my place? This is my current list, please let me know if anything's going to be different! Adam, Ant, Dom, Andy That's that dealt with, hopefully. Right then, on with the quiz!