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This is part of my blog, which I have long since stopped maintaining. The page has been preserved in case its content is of any interest. Please go back to the homepage to see the current contents of this site.

  • Fading Trails of Light

    And now, truly the last day. I got into town about a minute too late to see ER off at the station (sorry!)… then, lots of Shakeaway, Maplins and Pump fun later, Char and MoFo left too.

    And so it was just the four of us Bournemouth people, heading our own ways from the station, into the evening light…

    This really has been one of the most awesome weekends of my life. Thank you to everyone!!

  • We are Very Happy if you have Enjoy

    And so, the Bournemouth meet comes to a close. A day of dance games, but more importantly of saying goodbye. Thanks to everyone who came down to Bournemouth, and made this such an awesome weekend!

    Well, it’s not entirely over… Char, ER and MoFo are still here - Oh hi Ant’s house and IIDX!

  • Noodles with Phi.

    Noodles with Phi. And Bee. And Angel, Char, Endless Rain, Fi, Flazh, Frieza, Fuse, GreenOpal, Jo, Kotori, OneCrazyMoFo, Roy, Rufus, Stel, Tasha, Tomoki, and Tyma.

    Day Two!

    THis meet keeps getting more and more awesome! Even more people here today, and much Pump, EZ2 and rip-off EM2 fun was had… we also went to Shakeaway \o/ which was awesome. I had a Chocolate Brownie and Blackcurrant one (cake in a cup, yum) but Lime wins for his choice of a Lime and Fuse milkshake (HOT!). I first met Fi and Roy there, and later on saw someone I didn’t know olaying Pump - who turned out to be Tomoki. So much meeting of new people all around!

    At 5 we headed off (in three taxis) to the Thai restaurant, for possibly one of the nicest meals I’ve ever had - and also one of the funniest, although I guess Frieza’s right that we probably did annoy the staff quite a lot with our antics…

    After that we went to the Wetherspoon’s across the road. No Weston’s cider there anymore it seems, but they now have Old Rosie instead! \o/ Anyway, it was pretty much an awesome evening all around! We got asked to keep the noise down twice, and Dom, Fi and Roy got exceedingly drunk - not necessarily a bad thing, in the end, as it resulted in something I never thought I’d see - Dom and Roy hugging ^_^;

    Ant, Char, Lime, ER, MoFo and I walked (in the rain, super fun!) back to Ant’s house - singing random songs and telling jokes on the way - and then, guess what? Played IIDX until about 2am!

  • And so, the Bournemouth Meet did come to pass.

    Day One!

    Woke up about 10, and caught a bus into town with Ant (GreenOpal) and Char, who’s staying at Ant’s house and arrived on Thursday night. We meant to go and pick up ER from the station straight away, but he was going to be late and we were early, so we wnt into town for a quick game of Pump, where we met some more Bournemouth people (but I can’t remember exactly who, now ^_^;;), before walking all the way up to the station, picking up ER, and walking all the way back.

    More Pump, EZ2, obscenely-rip-off-EM2 and Flashbeats fun followed until about 5pm, where we walked up to the station again - by this time there were about a dozen of us - to meet Tasha, Jo and Stel as they arrived. Then back to town again, stopping for an extremely expensive but very nice meal in Subway.

    After a few more games at the Pier and IMAX, we all headed to the bar at Megabowl to get some drinks. At about 8, Ant, Char, ER and I headed to the station again, to meet Lime. Fed up with all the walking, we got a taxi back to Ant’s house, where we whored Lime’s IIDX and Pop’n Music until the early hours…

    A great day, and the fun’s only just beginning!

  • A Sky Bluer than Blue...

    Yesterday and today, temperatures reached 18 degrees C here, and the sky was almost cloudless for most of both days. Almost felt like Summer was here…

    Anyway, apart from sitting, lying down and walking in the sunshine, over the last few days I’ve been absurdly busy. On Tuesday I went to teach my grandparents how to use a computer… slow work, but they’re getting around Windows okay now, and are getting the hang of searching the ‘net and e-mailing. This morning I went to the doctors’ to see if they could sort out my toe of doom… Now I have some antibiotics for it that my mum’s trying to convince me have to be taken at exactly certain intervals, and exactly four a day, which would mean having to get up at about 6am every day for a week… o_O Scary…

    I’m off to see the NRT project back at QinetiQ in Weymouth tomorrow, which should hopefully go okay… and then it’s Friday. BOURNEMOUTH MEET!

  • Playing Catch-up

    Okay, sorry… it’s been a long time since I last updated - pay-per-minute 56k dialup bites hard.

    Basically, no a lot has been going on, except for quite a lot of sleep. I’m arranging to go down to Weymouth, hopefully on Thursday, to meet up with people at QinetiQ again and see how everything’s going along. I’m vaguely nervous about it, although I have no idea why, and of course it’s going to take up about 6 hours and £10 of my time and money, but then it’s not like I’ve got anything better to do with my time. I might pop in to the Electric Palace while I’m there for a few goes on the 5th Mix, though.

    Today, I went to church. O_O Scary, I know. T’was a bit odd, seeing as there’s only about 20 people in the congregation, but it didn’t seem so bad… and no-one seemed to mind that I didn’t sing and didn’t take the bread and wine, although on the other hand no-one asked me what my beliefs actually were, anyway. But I met my grandparents who I hadn’t seen for ages, and the lunch there was good (I made Tiramisu for it, which everyone seemed to like! \o/)

    And this afternoon I played Civ 3, and got whupped on Chieftan difficulty. I think that means I’m now up to sucking completely at 100% of games ever made.

  • Glittering in the Sunlight

    For the first time this year I went out, and danced in the sunshine. The warm sun, the chill wind, the damp grass under my bare feet, and the glints of light from my (improvised) sword as it swung around under the beautiful sky… It’s times like these that I believe I can be happy again. That we can all be happy again… One day soon, the sun will shine, and it’ll never go out…

  • Still Waiting for Minamicon

    I go home in less than two hours, back to 56k pay-per-minute dialup, and I’m still waiting for the Minamicon 11 website to appear… argh, this is going to be annoying!

    Also, I missed my alarm this morning, so I now have about an hour to get showered, dressed, have breakfast, pack up all my clothes, take apart my computer, put everything into boxes and get ready to leave… Eeek!

  • Frustration

    Argh… I want to do something.. something creative. But there’s really not a lot to do… I’d like to design some graphics in Photshop, but I know I’m not good enough to achieve a good effect… I’d like to do some stuff for my websites, but I’m really not sure if there’s anything I can do. There’s just… nothing useful I can do, at all…

  • One of the worst nights out...

    In the words of Chris, “Screw this shit, I’m done.”

    Although part of it is kinda’ my fault, it’s been one of the worst nights out I’ve had here… as you can probably tell by the fact I’m back home at 10pm. First off, I’m really tired and I don’t feel too well. Maybe the chicken I had for dinner was out of date or something, but my stomach ain’t being nice to me this evening. Added to that, we went to Jesters, which is possibly the one place I hate the most in this city… and also, the four flatmates with whom I went out spent pretty much the entire time with their tongues down someone else’s throat, so I rarely actually got to talk to anyone.

    That’s a sure sign of a bad night. I’m sober enough to use the word “whom” in a sentence.