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Woohaha, I’ve finished my exams! Today’s Forces and Fields exam didn’t go so bad… I guess it was a pretty good idea to do that practice paper at the weekend… It caused a bit of trouble, but I finished well before time. And the Electronics exam yesterday, I pwned! =p I’m seriously hoping for 100% for the exam there.

Well, I’m off out in a minute to celebrate! ^_^ My flatmates are dragging me out to Academy tonight.

In other news, MMWP 9thStyle went live yesterday, so I’m doing a lot of work trying to sort stuff out there… I’m gonna bake a cake tomorrow, a kinda’ lemon-flavoured sponge cake I think. Also, I’ll be doing a stepfile for Rinbu Revolution, the opening to Utena, when I have time - now that I’ve finished We Will Always Be!

I’m glad Dom seems to be okay today… yesterday was kinda scary… O_;;