Pershore, Bloody Pershore

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Okay, it ain’t funny any more. I’ve just spent a week doing part two of the oh-so-wonderful business training course at Pershore College.

I get virtually no sleep. The food is cold, disgusting and made from a blend of rat and pure carbohydrate. Halfway through, they notice that I’m only 17 and have been drinking in the bar, so they even stop that… (it was probably the drinking games that did it…)

And Pershore town itself! It’s a hole! And Pershore station is even worse! It has one platform, no buildings, not even an electric rail for the trains…

And to make it all worse, getting to Pershore at the beginning was a nightmare. Bus from Bournemouth to Southampton. Train from Southampton to Reading. The Pershore train from Reading’s cancelled, so I have to go via Oxford. The Reading to Oxford line’s flooded, so we have to get a bus, which takes twice as long as expected. So, I’ve missed my train at Oxford. At this point I meet up with a fellow Pershore student, and we make our way to Pershore itself by taxi, costing the train company £156!

Whew, I needed to get that off my chest. The author wishes to apologise for the above article being a complete waste of time. Ja ne.