Personality Addiction

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What is Love? (And I’m not referring to the early 90’s pop song by Haddaway (sp?), although I think I do have that on tape somewhere. Nor the L’Arc en Ciel song that I’m less embarassed about listening to.)

Is love merely an extension of a friendship? In which case, where is the dividing line between the two? How would someone know if they had fallen in love?

Is love only a sexual attraction? If so, what use is it, and does it deserve to be as important as it seems? That kind of love seems rather shallow and unimportant…

Or is love a kind of unexplained and sudden addiction to someone? If so, I wonder - what causes it, and why does it become so full of emotion?

I think these are questions that I need to find the answer to. I wonder what’ll happen if, one day, I find the truth…

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