Plane/Sailing Does the Bournemouth Air Festival!

The Bournemouth Air Festival, through the eyes of Plane/Sailing:

The Eurofighter Typhoon, ladies and gentlemen - the world’s most expensive Etch-a-Sketch.

Early morning air corridor visualisation. Tweaking the Plane/Sailing client ahead to add a faster update rate ahead of Bournemouth Air Festival Day 2!

Team leader here is a smooth operator, and sounded almost bored on the radio as they were doing ludicrous shit. Also made my day to hear him legitimately say "do a barrel roll".

Just Chinook things

The Blades display team. I’m sure it looks better in real life!

Today at the air show: “Sunseeker Sail Past”. Lot of folks out there to flaunt their wealth apparently

Gonna have to do a 3D version of Plane/Sailing for next year. The Typhoon track is gracefully wandering around in 2D, but the speed and altitude numbers are going bonkers.

Behold: too much free time

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