Playing Catch-up

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Okay, sorry… it’s been a long time since I last updated - pay-per-minute 56k dialup bites hard.

Basically, no a lot has been going on, except for quite a lot of sleep. I’m arranging to go down to Weymouth, hopefully on Thursday, to meet up with people at QinetiQ again and see how everything’s going along. I’m vaguely nervous about it, although I have no idea why, and of course it’s going to take up about 6 hours and £10 of my time and money, but then it’s not like I’ve got anything better to do with my time. I might pop in to the Electric Palace while I’m there for a few goes on the 5th Mix, though.

Today, I went to church. O_O Scary, I know. T’was a bit odd, seeing as there’s only about 20 people in the congregation, but it didn’t seem so bad… and no-one seemed to mind that I didn’t sing and didn’t take the bread and wine, although on the other hand no-one asked me what my beliefs actually were, anyway. But I met my grandparents who I hadn’t seen for ages, and the lunch there was good (I made Tiramisu for it, which everyone seemed to like! \o/)

And this afternoon I played Civ 3, and got whupped on Chieftan difficulty. I think that means I’m now up to sucking completely at 100% of games ever made.