Okay, the situation for the end-of-year party, a.k.a. RABIES 2, is now confirmed!

Date: Tuesday 13th June 2006

Time: Noon until whenever

Location: Alex’s House (70 Shaftesbury Avenue, Southampton, SO17 1SD)

Cost: £5 each to cover the cost of the food

Bring: Alcohol (or substitute); an empty stomach!

Invitees: Everyone!

Confirmed Attendees: 23(+1?) (Alex, Al, Ali, Andy (Hatted), Andy (Little), Anna, Antony, Chantelle, Chris (Alex’s Friend), Possibly-Claire, Donna, Ed, Gareth (Thirza’s BF), Gemma, Hugo, Ian, Mark, Martin (Hatted), Mikael, Nic (Antony’s Friend), Nick 7, Racheet, Rhiannon, Thirza)

Please let me know if you’re coming! I need to know in advance to buy enough food!

Also let me know if you have particular dietary requirements that I don’t know about!</i>

Any other questions?: Reply to this post, and I’ll answer them!